You’re Going to be Fine



I wanted to just express how amazing the reception of my new book has been. If you have a special needs child, or someone close to you is considered special needs, this book may provide you with some much-needed support.

When I started writing this book I didn’t know I was actually writing a book. I was just venting on my computer one night about the rough day we had, my daughter was only two at the time. A couple weeks later I was venting again, and again. I started piecing it together and just called it You’re Going to be Fine before I knew I was going to publish it. Why? Because that’s what you hear as a special needs parent. A lot. Oh, you’re going to be just fine. 

Of course we are, but it doesn’t change the amount of struggle we have to go through while we’re going through it.

I decided somewhat last minute to actually go through publishing it because despite the fact that I’m a blogger I do like my privacy. However, I am on a lot of groups and forums and I see parents asking the same things over and over “my son is only two can he really have ADHD that young?” “My daughter is so violent is there something wrong?” “Anyone start medications?” “Anyone want to go get drunk later because woof, what a day?”

I talk about pediatric mental illness being overdiagnosed in the book but I also talk about the fact that yes, it does exist. There was so much I ignored or just thought was me that I look at in retrospect and think, huh, guess we should have seen that one coming. 

You’re Going to be Fine is a mix of humor, painful accounts, and mental health research. If you, or a loved one, is parenting a young child with special needs you should give it a read.

eBook available here

Paperback available here