“How many times a day do you tell your child “No”?” 

Published on ADDitude Magazine Print and online April 2019

“How an angry monkey, a worried mouse, and Harry Potter helped my daughter understand her emotions”

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To the mom who noticed”

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Review of: You’re Going to be Fine

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“It’s Easy to Feel Alone”

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“Canceling Playdates”

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“This is What ADHD is Really Like” 2018

Article; ADHD/Autism/Sensory Disorders, parenting

Pouting toddler with wet hair in the bathroom

“Little Bits of Anger” 2016

Article; parenting/anger

Early Literacy Starts With You by [Herz, Brittney D.]

“Early Literacy Starts with You” 2016

eBook; parenting/education/literacy

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Short story; literature/women’s fiction

“A Little Girl’s Harvest” 2013

Short story; horror


Bipolar Stigma is Real- Published on