Learning colors

I overheard a teacher talking the other day that she has had students start Pre-K and not know their colors. There are so many fun little things to do with your kids to get some basic knowledge instilled into them early on.

Christmas is here! Well, it’s on its way, so I made one of the felt trees that I have been

WP_20141113_017 (1)

seeing on Pinterest. I didn’t think my daughter would be a huge fan since she tends to be a wee bit rough with things but she loved it! I’m still working out some kinks as to how I am going to keep it attached to the wall but so far she actually plays with it so I’m happy. The “ornaments” are all basic shapes and easy colors. I make sure to say the color of each one as she places it on the tree, or rips it down.

I did see one where the mom made a felt tree out of a parking cone, that is genius.


One of the only times my daughter will sit still is at mealtime, and even then I have a small window. So I have been incorporating color learning into lunch and snack time. Fruit Loops work great. You can take something that will stand, like a pipe cleaner attached to a weight, or a chopstick set in clay or putty, and have your child place the different colors onto the stick. I will say “now put on a blue one” and she will look at the Fruit Loops until she finds a blue one. Of course, more get eaten than put on the stick but that’s okay.

Pipe cleaners are your friend. If you don’t have your kids playing with them, get some. I just started to use them for activities and for some reason that kid loves those things. You can bend them, make jewelry, make hats which she thinks is hysterical, glasses, so many things. But they can also be a learning tool. I’ve seen the activity where the kids are putting the pipe cleaners into a strainer. I got to say when I first saw it I was like…I don’t get it. However, that did amuse my daughter for about ten minutes. Now we use them to learn colors. I say “put in a green one” and she will find a green one to place into the strainer. Once it’s full we take them off color by color.



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